Are you a true hipster at heart? Is your dream party outdoors under twinkling lights full of vintage touches? I admit, I’m a Pinterest mom when it comes to party ideas. My daughter recently turned 13 and I wanted to make it special since she doesn’t want a sweet sixteen. I absolutely love how it turned out and most importantly, she loved it too. I started the prep about two months ahead so I was able to gather the goods and make things without rushing last minute. It also gives plenty of time to look for sales and deals.

I saw a similar photo on Pinterest but it didn’t have a how to link. I had to wing it and figure it out and love how it came out. I ordered the name from Studio Noel, who was super helpful throughout the process. Here’s the link to her store.

You can customize the font, size and colors and she is very prompt. The wood board was from Home Depot and I actually used wallpaper from Target to give it the plank look.

The vines go on sale at Hobby Lobby every other week and I hot glue gunned them on.

This pic served as an inspiration for something similar I made for my daughter. It came with instructions on how to make and was pretty simple to do but time consuming.

My friend was able to make a “naked” cake to fit the theme even though she had never made one before. It came together beautifully. I bought the wood platters from Hobby Lobby. They were cheaper when you use the 40% off coupon than at TJ Maxx. They also had the small wooden holders that I placed tealights on. TJ Maxx did have the cutest candle holders in stock now. We had mini succulents as the party favor. The link is here

I also did a DIY string lights for the floor set up. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of it that I can post but I will post the link I used for the instructions. The cement is heavy so this is a two person project. I also added some vines from Hobby Lobby ( look for that 50% off sale!) to decorate the poles.

Everything turned out as beautifully as I had imagined it. A big thank you to all of our amazing friends that helped make it happen!

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