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Spring cleaning

Spring is officially here this week, (at least that’s what the calendar says but it’s still chilly). This is often a great time to take a peek at some of the home projects that we’ve let slip during the cold winter months. I usually like to tackle one, maybe two major things so that I don’t get overwhelmed. I have to add it to … Read More Spring cleaning


Body Acceptance

We all know that there is a self acceptance and appreciation movement going on which is quite exciting. We saw the addition of diverse body types at NYFW this week (Hello Christian Siriano!) Growing up in the 90’s with the waif figure as the model ideal, this is a healthy change in the right direction. There is the movement to post unedited, raw photos … Read More Body Acceptance


Shabby chic/ bohemian / rustic themed party ideas

Are you a true hipster at heart? Is your dream party outdoors under twinkling lights full of vintage touches? I admit, I’m a Pinterest mom when it comes to party ideas. My daughter recently turned 13 and I wanted to make it special since she doesn’t want a sweet sixteen. I absolutely love how it turned out and most importantly, she loved it too. … Read More Shabby chic/ bohemian / rustic themed party ideas

Raising little men

Recently I watched a movie with my son that featured a family where the dad was perpetrating domestic violence. I think my ten year old was shocked, it was something he had never seen or dealt with before. He had no clue someone could do something like that. Alhamdulillah, we are lucky, his father embodies  what a good man should look like. Children definitely … Read More Raising little men


Eid ul adha decor

Eid ul adha decor ideas


Ramadan and Eid decor

Hope everyone is doing well! As we head into the last ten nights of Ramadan, we usually try to step up the worship, especially if we have been slacking. I know we also are looking forward to Eid, especially the kids!  There are so so many fun ideas for decor nowadays and it’s always a fun project to involve the kids with also. For … Read More Ramadan and Eid decor


New mommy spotlight- interview with Sincerely Maryam

One of the best parts of blogging has been being able to connect with and find amazing bloggers out there! One such blogger is Sincerely Maryam. She is known for being on trend and can work a skinny jean on so many levels. This year, she was blessed to become a mommy to baby Isa (don’t you love the naming pattern?). Despite her extremely … Read More New mommy spotlight- interview with Sincerely Maryam

Passage of time 

I am in awe of how quickly time is passing. Somehow it sped up even faster once I became a mom, can’t imagine how fast it will pass as a grandmother! I see my friends scrolling through or posting photos of their children’s baby pictures. Sometimes I can’t recall their kids as babies because mine were babies and I was running after them. With … Read More Passage of time 

Teaching time management

It is back to school season here in the South. My eldest has just started middle school and with that has come a whole new set of expectations and responsibilities. Unfortunately, this has meant adjusting to a new schedule and saying good bye to the freedom of summer vacation.  As a working mom, I do not have the time to micromanage the kids projects, … Read More Teaching time management

Mommy Masjid Manners

Young kids in the mosque is definitely a hot button topic but I will throw my two cents in the ring. These last nights of Ramadan usually bring out more worshippers so it’s important to address some issues concerning little ones.  Some mosques are smaller and definitely do not have adequate space for the female worshippers in general and for whatever reason, babies and … Read More Mommy Masjid Manners

Prophetic advice for managing chores

Parents are all pressed for time. Between managing household duties and childrens’ needs and demands, not to mention all the various social obligations in life, it is hard to balance it all. Add to that a full time job and it is definitely a challenge to get it all done. As a Muslim, we have to ask Allah for help to accomplish our tasks. … Read More Prophetic advice for managing chores