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Mommies trip to Miami

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Hobby Lobby Challenge

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Hobby Lobby Challenge

I’m not sure if you have heard, but there is a viral challenge going on. A bunch of teens started doing photoshoots in the floral section of Hobby Lobby. I was tagged in a lot of comments on the articles going around Facebook about it and thought “why not?”. As someone that dabbles in photography, I knew it was something that can be challenging. … Read More Hobby Lobby Challenge

Spring cleaning

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Not again

I have been feeling anguish since last week’s shooting in Florida. How is this happening again and again? I’ve been riveted and can’t comprehend how people are calling out the children, the innocent children who have lost their classmates and friends, for being manipulative? Have politicians lost absolutely all shame? Things that were unthinkable in my youth are commonplace now. We are desensitized to … Read More Not again

Puffer coats

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Fashion trend- kimono cardigans

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Travel diaries: what I wore in Morocco 

Source: Travel diaries: what I wore in Morocco 

New mommy spotlight- interview with Sincerely Maryam

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Women’s international day

I pray for all the women of the world who are struggling because: They were born a girl and automatically was less loved  She was not given the same education as her brothers She was not given a voice or allowed to express her opinions She was forced into a marriage or relationship she did not want to be in She is abused by … Read More Women’s international day


Women’s march

This week saw our new President in action. Looks like his main focus was how many showed up to his inauguration and blaming the media for messing around with the pictures. This administration has shown they don’t believe in facts and live in an “alternative facts ” world. The day after, hundreds of thousands of women were marching against the current administration. It was … Read More Women’s march