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Ramadan and eid decor 2020

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Kids and living during pandemic lockdowns

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Kids and living during pandemic lockdowns

We are all living through extraordinary and trying times. We have a virus that humanity has never seen and we are all trying to figure out how to deal with it. We are currently in lock down and kids have been home schooling for the last two weeks. I can see they are working hard and not trying to stress about the situation. This … Read More Kids and living during pandemic lockdowns

Travel Diaries: what I wore to Spain

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Muslims are one community

I have been at a loss since the recent New Zealand shooting. Anyone living in non Muslim countries knows there has been a rise in Islamophobia and numerous anti- Muslim incidents. The incident that happened is something I always fear will happen when at the mosque and I have always questioned, how would I react? Will we all be slaughtered since we do not … Read More Muslims are one community

Hijabi at the beach

Hijabi at the beach — Read on

Mommies trip to Miami

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Hobby Lobby Challenge

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Hobby Lobby Challenge

I’m not sure if you have heard, but there is a viral challenge going on. A bunch of teens started doing photoshoots in the floral section of Hobby Lobby. I was tagged in a lot of comments on the articles going around Facebook about it and thought “why not?”. As someone that dabbles in photography, I knew it was something that can be challenging. … Read More Hobby Lobby Challenge

Spring cleaning

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Not again

I have been feeling anguish since last week’s shooting in Florida. How is this happening again and again? I’ve been riveted and can’t comprehend how people are calling out the children, the innocent children who have lost their classmates and friends, for being manipulative? Have politicians lost absolutely all shame? Things that were unthinkable in my youth are commonplace now. We are desensitized to … Read More Not again

Puffer coats

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