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Fashion trend- kimono cardigans

Source: Fashion trend- kimono cardigans

Travel diaries: what I wore in Morocco 

Source: Travel diaries: what I wore in Morocco 

New mommy spotlight- interview with Sincerely Maryam

Source: New mommy spotlight- interview with Sincerely Maryam

Women’s international day

I pray for all the women of the world who are struggling because: They were born a girl and automatically was less loved  She was not given the same education as her brothers She was not given a voice or allowed to express her opinions She was forced into a marriage or relationship she did not want to be in She is abused by … Read More Women’s international day


Women’s march

This week saw our new President in action. Looks like his main focus was how many showed up to his inauguration and blaming the media for messing around with the pictures. This administration has shown they don’t believe in facts and live in an “alternative facts ” world. The day after, hundreds of thousands of women were marching against the current administration. It was … Read More Women’s march

New beginnings

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s!  I kept seeing and hearing good riddance to 2016 due to the collective depression we felt whether from the election, various celebrity deaths … Source: New beginnings

The struggle is real…

I have been in a funk since the election. Been watching on social media about Muslimahs being attacked for wearing hijab. Or claiming an attack and then retracting that claim. This just makes it wo… Source: The struggle is real…

The American Nightmare

I woke up to what I thought was a nightmare yesterday morning. Our nation’s divide became apparent this past Tuesday when our nation elected a reality television star to become the next Presi… Source: The American Nightmare

Finding patience in loss

This week was a sad one for my kids. They had to give up their beloved pet that they had been waiting years to get. Unfortunately due to his health issues, we just couldn’t keep him anymore. I know any parent loves seeing their kids happy and hate to see them down. We do anything in our powers to make them happy. However, sometimes … Read More Finding patience in loss

Get your best face for fall/skin care tips

Happy fall everyone! Can you tell I’m excited about my favorite season? Love the colors of this season, the glow of the sun, the cooler weather and the smells of pumpkin and spice and everything nice. What’s not so nice is what the weather does to my skin. My skin care routine needs to be modified to deal with the drier air and skin. … Read More Get your best face for fall/skin care tips

Styling sparkle and shine

Best part of being a woman is dressing up! There are endless varieties and combinations in which we can use our outfits to make us feel glamorous and feminine. This post is about adding that little… Source: Styling sparkle and shine