I have recently been going through a bit of a rough patch. Life wouldn’t be life if it didn’t throw the unexpected your way. I have realized my rough patches in life have helped shaped me into who I am. There’s a saying, we wouldn’t learn to appreciate the sunny days if there were not storms. That’s what this rough patch has taught me to look forward to. When the days are bad, I looked for what I am grateful for. Even simple things like freedom, all my senses are intact, breathing without any health issues are all incredible blessings. Also, there is a rainbow after the storm. There is ease after hardship. Allah (SWT) has promised us that in the Quran that there is ease. We won’t feel the same way even tomorrow and time does ease the heart. A diamond is made by undergoing tremendous pressure and what comes out is very valuable. What are some things you have learned during your hardship phases in life? Share below please

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