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Muslims are one community

I have been at a loss since the recent New Zealand shooting. Anyone living in non Muslim countries knows there has been a rise in Islamophobia and numerous anti- Muslim incidents. The incident that happened is something I always fear will happen when at the mosque and I have always questioned, how would I react? Will we all be slaughtered since we do not … Read More Muslims are one community

Trading Terror for Thoughfulness

I woke up to yet another gruesome attack on a Western city. I was already concerned about what happened in Istanbul last week seeing as it is one of my favorite cities in the world. Of course I saw the usual condemnations from the Muslim organizations in the U.S. against the attacks on Brussels. I worried that this would not bode well for all … Read More Trading Terror for Thoughfulness

Talking to kids about Islamophobia

Lately, I and the Muslim American community, have been on edge. I have decided to continue to wear the hijab and have felt none of the threats that others have been facing thankfully. The majority of people in this nation are good, kind hearted people. However,there are always the perverted few that mess it up for everyone else. This week, I had to sit … Read More Talking to kids about Islamophobia