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Adding a flair with a feathered hijab

With the holiday season quickly approaching, a nice touch to fancy up any outfit is a feathered hijab. It dresses up and makes any outfit look glamorous with little effort. I purchased my hijabs from framed people https://www.framedpeople.com/ Here are some other sites you can check out https://thehijabvault.com/collections/new-releases/products/i-feather-you https://www.thehijabsouq.com/plume-feather-chiffon-hijabs.html#/ Happy shopping!


Thoughts on turning 40

Thoughts on turning 40

The struggle is real…

I have been in a funk since the election. Been watching on social media about Muslimahs being attacked for wearing hijab. Or claiming an attack and then retracting that claim. This just makes it worse for the next sister who might be attacked and not believed. Instead of being known as the best of humanity, many Muslims are depicted as liars and murderers. Just … Read More The struggle is real…