Spring cleaning

Spring is officially here this week, (at least that’s what the calendar says but it’s still chilly). This is often a great time to take a peek at some of the home projects that we’ve let slip during the cold winter months. I usually like to tackle one, maybe two major things so that I don’t get overwhelmed. I have to add it to the calendar to make sure I get it done and then we commit to it. It’s usually pollen season in the south so it’s a perfect time to wash those drapes, wipe down the vents and make sure they’ve been changed. I get the kids involved by emptying out their closets and making donation bags. Now is a good time to get a deep clean of the carpets. Of course, now is the time to freshen up the garden and clean out the weeds and start planting. Here’s a helpful chart to help organize your spring projects.

What are some of your spring cleaning projects that you are planning? Leave your comments below, happy cleaning!


Spring finds at target

If you want to try some of Spring’s 2018 trends but don’t want to spend a ton of money, take a look at Target. Lavender has been declared Pantone’s color of the year. This cute handbag is the right shade and perfect for spring.


Pink is always a color to add to any spring wardrobe. I saw these heels and couldn’t resist the color and cute ruffle details on them.


Mules are also trending this season. I had purchased these on sale and looks like they’re all sold out but you can still find them on EBay and Poshmark, they are the matilda shoes from WhoWhatWear.

This dress was the perfect yellow shade and can brighten up anyone’s day. It’s long sleeved and doesn’t wrinkle easily


Hope you are inspired to try some of these trends and can add some fashion to your target runs. Let me know in the comments if you have any other suggestions to try from target!

Not again

I have been feeling anguish since last week’s shooting in Florida. How is this happening again and again? I’ve been riveted and can’t comprehend how people are calling out the children, the innocent children who have lost their classmates and friends, for being manipulative? Have politicians lost absolutely all shame? Things that were unthinkable in my youth are commonplace now. We are desensitized to it all. All hope for change is being placed on the shoulders of the youth. I hope they can carry the burdens that we have placed on them.


Body Acceptance

We all know that there is a self acceptance and appreciation movement going on which is quite exciting. We saw the addition of diverse body types at NYFW this week (Hello Christian Siriano!) Ashley Graham at the Christian Siriano show NYFW 2018Growing up in the 90’s with the waif figure as the model ideal, this is a healthy change in the right direction. There is the movement to post unedited, raw photos that haven’t been heavily photoshopped. I hope this momentum continues. What can we do as everyday moms? What we can do is explain that these are not real images, that even the model cannot live up to the photo. That they have fat rolls and wrinkles and stretch marks. That’s it’s all a ploy to make us feel bad about ourselves and buy their product to make us attempt to look like them. That we can take an honest look in the mirror and be happy and grateful with what we see. That we live a balanced lifestyle our children can model that includes working out and eating right and pushing to be the best version of ourselves. That at the end of the day, we practice self love and acceptance.


Kids winter jackets sale

There are some great jackets on sale for the kiddos right now! Make sure to size up so it will fit them by next winter.


This jacket is so cute and has a faux trim and comes in multiple colors.


This one looks stylish and warm at the same time!


Little ones will love this one and parents will love the price!


This one is such a great deal and such a cheerful color!


This jacket looks sturdy enough to withstand all the sledding and snowball fights of the season.


This one’s such a beautiful blue and has an extra warm lining.

There are some really amazing sales out there, hope this helped narrow some of the options. Happy shopping!

Puffer coats


Puffer coats

I am always looking for a good deal and January/ February is the best time to find some good deals on your coats for next year. I love puffer jackets for how warm and comfortable they are. Here are some of my picks from this years sales. (This is not a sponsored post nor have I personally tried the items.)


This coat is such a great deal and bonus is that it comes in petite sizes. These are selling out fast!


This one has a cute faux trim for the hood.


This parka has a fur trim lining throughout and looks extra cozy.


For anyone looking for a more luxurious coat, this one is a good deal.


This Asos jacket is on sale for $55.50, can’t beat the price!

There are a lot of good deals on puffer coats out there at all different price points! Let me know if you scored a great deal below!