Kids and electronics

Hey guys! I have decided to split my blog posts into different categories such as parenting, lifestyle and fashion/beauty tips.  This one is about a little but pretty effective rule in our house.. no electronics during weekdays. We actually found this rule from the Obamas and if it’s good enough for the First family, it’s good enough for us! No TV, computer, Ipad, etc, basically no screen time. Lately, as the kids have grown older, some of their schoolwork has been on the class websites so we have had to bend the rule a bit but basically no entertainment from the screen. The hard part is applying this rule to the parents! I feel that rule has allowed the children to bond more with each other and us and allows for them to use more imaginitive play which I hope will be a lesson that they can carry on in their future lives.

working moms

Welcome friends! This is my first blog post! I have been frustrated with the lack of advice for Muslim ladies over 35 and for working moms in general and have decided to take action instead of sitting around and complaining about it. The goals for this blog are to seek and give advice for the working mom that does not want to compromise on her faith, fashion and wants to have some fun too! Every week, I will try to bring a bit of advice on life, fashions, trends, parenting and general well being, hope you enjoy it!!! I look forward to this being a positive forum, constructive criticism is welcome, destructive is not. Lets help strengthen each other and the world… we can make a difference, even if it’s just saying a prayer or sending out a positive vibe to the universe…