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Forgiving ourselves

Last week I came home from a full day of work and the first thing the kids say to me, “you forgot to pack our lunches!” ” What?” I fully remember making them, where did these lunches mysteriously disappear off to? I turned and saw them sitting on the counter. How could I have starved my kids? Never mind that this has never happened … Read More Forgiving ourselves

Typical Day

I’ve been asked about how I squeeze everything in a day. Obviously, everything is done with the help and grace of Allah. Another tremendous help is my husband who works with me as a true partner. I am a working mom, I used to work 6 days a week but have now cut down to 4 while still maintaining the same or better productivity … Read More Typical Day

Three or not to three?

Quite a few of my friends have been asking me if they should have a third kid? Which is kind of crazy since I do not have three kids ( I have two for the record). My usual initial response is “are you crazy?” Let’s say you have the luxury of asking this question and can plan a third kid and it’s not an … Read More Three or not to three?

Grown babies

In the dental office yesterday, I had a 22 year old patient start to cry when we told her she needed a cleaning that was a little more than a “regular” cleaning but not quite a deep cleaning yet because she has not been flossing as she should be. The hygienist was stunned by the reaction and quickly went to get the mom to … Read More Grown babies

Talking to kids about Islamophobia

Lately, I and the Muslim American community, have been on edge. I have decided to continue to wear the hijab and have felt none of the threats that others have been facing thankfully. The majority of people in this nation are good, kind hearted people. However,there are always the perverted few that mess it up for everyone else. This week, I had to sit … Read More Talking to kids about Islamophobia


The “green eyed” monster, jealousy is one of those very self destructive emotions.  It is also something that can be hard to avoid given how ubiquitous others lives are plastered all over our various social media accounts. One touch or click and we get to see someone taking an exotic vacation or wearing the latest designer goods or has the perfect family and we … Read More Jealousy

Sibling Rivalry

Our siblings are the people that we will have the longest relationships with in our lives. It is also one that can be filled with drama and jealousy but it doesn’t always have to be this way. From a biological point of view, it is seen as offspring that are fighting for a limited amount of resources and that it sets us up for … Read More Sibling Rivalry


My heart is so heavy seeing the recent round of photos of innocent Palestinian children being butchered for no reason other than the face that they are of the wrong race and religion. I could not watch the videos. As a mother, I cannot imagine the anguish the parents are going through. All those months of carrying a baby and years raising that child … Read More Motherhood


We are so very lucky to have been born in this country and to live lives that are blessed with peace and prosperity.  As we can see from all the various refugee crises, not everyone can say the same thing. That’s why it is crucial that every night, we sit with our children and let them count some of their blessings. This can be … Read More Gratitude

Lead by example

One of the hardest things about parenting is not knowing if the techniques that we are using now will result in a hard working and competent adult.  It will take many decades before we see the final result of all our hard work. One of the things we can do in the present is to set an example in our daily lives so they can … Read More Lead by example

Preteens and body image

A few days ago, I overheard my 10 year old daughter telling her stuffed Minnie that she was fat and that her minnie was fat too. It was heartbreaking. I have read all the articles about how moms should not criticize themselves in front of their daughters and I have never called myself fat in front of her, I honestly am not the type … Read More Preteens and body image

Kids and electronics

Hey guys! I have decided to split my blog posts into different categories such as parenting, lifestyle and fashion/beauty tips.  This one is about a little but pretty effective rule in our house.. no electronics during weekdays. We actually found this rule from the Obamas and if it’s good enough for the First family, it’s good enough for us! No TV, computer, Ipad, etc, … Read More Kids and electronics