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Spring Florals

Who doesn’t love spring (besides allergy sufferers)? The days are warmer and longer and nature is abuzz with activity. Flowers are abloom and are the perfect inspiration for your spring wardrobe! I’ve rounded up some outfit ideas for this spring. I have stuck to one floral print per outfit as you really don’t want to clash with too many prints at one time Adding … Read More Spring Florals

Winter Whites

That old fashion rule of no white after labor day is just that, an old fashioned rule. This rule has been more common among the older generation and among people in the Southern states. There are ways to wear white that can be trendy and also appropriate for cooler winter weather. Layering and using heavier or richer fabrics are key to pulling off this … Read More Winter Whites

Capsule wardrobe

I know I am not the only one that is being tempted by all the great post holiday bargains out there. However as I have grown older, I am not just buying clothes just because they are great deal. I am checking for things like fit and quality and will I wear them in my actual life? For instance, I hate to iron so … Read More Capsule wardrobe

Holiday fashion

Those of us living in the West are in the middle of holiday season. With that comes the endless holiday parties, which begs the eternal question, what will I wear?  Depending on your comfort with bling, you can go all out with a fully sequined jumpsuit or add a subtle shimmer through details on your pieces.   This skirt from hijabefy has a beautiful … Read More Holiday fashion

Fall fashion

Hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving holiday! I don’t know where the time has flown this year, I can’t believe it’s almost December already! This fashion post can almost be a fall/winter post. This year, it seems that skinny jeans are heading out and making way for more modest fit pants like flare jeans and palazzo pants. I do tend to dress more comfortably so … Read More Fall fashion

Fashion starts with good and comfortable undergarments

Can we discuss the sad state of most mom bras? Sad, misshapen and ill fitting and way past their expiration date is what most moms have in their underwear drawer. Some of us have even hung on to nursing bras well into our childrens toddler years. My tailor recently reminded me to wear a good bra fitting for a blouse fitting, “You know most … Read More Fashion starts with good and comfortable undergarments

Long cardigans

Eid mubarak! Hope everyone got to enjoy their Eid with family and friends. Today’s fashion post is about long cardigans. Whenever I wear one, I get tons of compliments from hijabis and non hijabis alike. These were really light and handy during the summer months and can easily be layered and transition into fall. They are sold at a number of online hijab boutiques … Read More Long cardigans

Fall Fashion for the mature hijabi

 Fall is right around the corner and is easily my favorite season. The vibrant hues of the leaves whirling in the brisk wind, cups of hot apple cider, that little chill in the air is a wonderful reprieve from the hot and humid summers down in the South. For the hijabi, it’s also a time to break out our modest fashions. Here is my … Read More Fall Fashion for the mature hijabi