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Over the knee boots for petite women

I never thought that over the knee boots were for me. Hovering at around 5’1″, I always felt that the boots would overwhelm my short legs. I loved how other bloggers were wearing them and decided to try them out and I’m glad I did! They’re super warm and can elevate any outfit. Some things to look for in a boot for petites is … Read More Over the knee boots for petite women


Travel diaries- tea gardens in Bangladesh and quick stop in Doha

We went on a very quick tour to Bangladesh to show our children where their grandparents grew up. We literally were there for five days but packed in a whole lot of stuff! My personal favorite was our stay at Dusai. It is a small resort near the famous tea gardens. I wore a kimono that was very similar to the sold out Zara … Read More Travel diaries- tea gardens in Bangladesh and quick stop in Doha


Fall 2017-Red is the color of the season

The color red has officially taken over all the stores as THE color of fall this year. It’s a great complement to the seasonal colors and can be a little surprise to any outfit. This is a color that flatters all skin tones. You can incorporate as a top or bottom or both or just add a red accent through your accessories. I recently … Read More Fall 2017-Red is the color of the season


Pearl details 

Pearl details have been popping up all over the place recently. I think they add a nice little touch to an outfit and can dress up any old shirt, sweater or jeans. Makes accessorizing a breeze as the details stand out on their own. Here’s a look at a great fall sweater from Zara. The sweater is great quality for the price and comes … Read More Pearl details 


Tulle skirts and hijab

Long skirts are always a fashion staple in any hijabi’s closet as they are modest and can be dressed up and down. Tulle skirts especially add a little something to any special occasion and now there are so many options available for any look you are going for. Here’s a look at that I recently wore for my friend’s baby shower. I love how … Read More Tulle skirts and hijab


Amazon fashion

Some fashionable picks from Amazon


Fashion trend- kimono cardigans

Summer is finally here! One of the hottest trends this summer is the kimono cardigan. It is so popular that while I was at Forever 21, I had a guy ask where he could find one for his girlfriend!  This seasons kimonos come in all sorts of lengths and prints and at all price points that you really can’t miss out on trying one! … Read More Fashion trend- kimono cardigans


Travel diaries: what I wore in Morocco 

We were able to visit Morocco recently, a long held dream of mine. The history, food, people, breathtaking architecture and nice climate made it a perfect country to visit. I enjoy visiting Muslim countries and showing the kids the grandeur of Islamic history. We also love hearing the adhan. April was a great time to visit, mild climate and tons of fresh oranges and … Read More Travel diaries: what I wore in Morocco 


Spring florals 

Down here in the South, we know it’s officially spring when our cars are covered with green pollen 😒 . Seriously though, who is not a fan of spring? The blossoms on the trees and buds springing from the ground can put anyone into a better mindset. I love all the pink, purple and white blossoms, and especially love to watch when the wind … Read More Spring florals 

2017 fashion trends for busy moms

2016 saw a lot of 90’s revivals in terms of fashion trends (chokers I’m looking at you) that we may or may not have tried. Designers have showcased several new looks that the mass markets will copy soon and can easily be incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe. There were a lot of feminine details  such as lace and ruffles featured for 2017. This version is … Read More 2017 fashion trends for busy moms

Wearing one item many ways

We recently had our closet redone which gave me a chance to do a much needed purge. It also got me thinking about what pieces I wanted to keep and has made me much more mindful about what pieces I wanted to add. I have started to look for pieces with more versatility and can work with what I already own. I came across … Read More Wearing one item many ways

Hats and hijabs

Hats and hijabs? Fashion do or don’t? As the weather is warming up, some may find comfort taking shelter from the sun’s rays under a brim of a hat. However, wearing the hijab might pose some concern about looking ridiculous with two items on your head. Here are a couple of my ideas for managing the hat over the hijab. To minimize any hassles … Read More Hats and hijabs