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Muslim ban

Hey guys! If you haven’t been living under a rock, you have heard of Trump’s decision to ban immigrants and refugees from certain Muslim majority countries. The heartwarming part has been to see all the people protesting this decision and standing up for the democratic values this nation was based on. Here is a link to Haute Hijab’s Melanie’s blog. She had laid out … Read More Muslim ban

New beginnings

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s!  I kept seeing and hearing good riddance to 2016 due to the collective depression we felt whether from the election, various celebrity deaths or from the constant stream of human suffering from Syria, Burma, etc. I realized that a lot of these issues were out of my control. What was in my control was … Read More New beginnings

Arming oneself

  The latest rise in Islamophobic incidents, especially in NYC have shocked me. This has happened in a city that is known for its diversity and tolerance. The city I grew up in. A recent attack on a hijabi who was set on fire while window shopping on Fifth Avenue and the murders of a woman walking home and the imams leaving jumuah are … Read More Arming oneself


Styling sparkle and shine

Best part of being a woman is dressing up! There are endless varieties and combinations in which we can use our outfits to make us feel glamorous and feminine. This post is about adding that little bit of bling so you can shine bright like a diamond. Metallic accessories are a great way to add some shine to your look. No need to wait … Read More Styling sparkle and shine

Democracy for all

Are you feeling mad that an asinine person has been nominated and can potentially be elected to the highest office in this nation? Don’t just sit on your butt and complain about it. You have been granted a very powerful tool, a tool so powerful that few societies in the history of humankind has allowed its members to utilize it. In the societies that … Read More Democracy for all

Looking for likes?

How often are you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc in a day? Are you browsing/posting all day long? Do you have a limit to the time you spend on it? Are you neglecting your spouse/family or the people you are sitting with to check these sites? How often are you posting about your own life? Are you looking for likes? What happens when no … Read More Looking for likes?

Spring Florals

Who doesn’t love spring (besides allergy sufferers)? The days are warmer and longer and nature is abuzz with activity. Flowers are abloom and are the perfect inspiration for your spring wardrobe! I’ve rounded up some outfit ideas for this spring. I have stuck to one floral print per outfit as you really don’t want to clash with too many prints at one time Adding … Read More Spring Florals

Happy International Women’s Day

Let’s celebrate what it means to be a woman in today’s day and age. Personally,  I am grateful that I live during a time where what I say or write matters. Or that I have a voice in the first place. That I have been able to access the best education. That I can go out and vote. And drive. That I can usually … Read More Happy International Women’s Day

Haute Hijabi Mommies

I wanted to share with you guys some very inspirational ladies. You may know them already and follow them but just in case you don’t, I highly recommend you start ASAP! Many are mommies to multiple children, are working full time jobs or running their own businesses and are still able to leave the house looking as stylish as a runway model. They are … Read More Haute Hijabi Mommies

Friends Forever?

Humans, and  women especially, are social creatures. Early humans could never have survived the environment without being a part of a group. It is this connection that allowed us to survive all these centuries for better or worse. Sharing our experiences throughout our lives enriches them so much more. As we started families, how else were we to get all that child rearing advice … Read More Friends Forever?

Why Islam means to peace to me

Undoubtedly the recent cowardly attacks perpetrated by a bunch of cowards has caught our attention this past week. Muslims for the umpteenth time are being questioned why are we not condemning these attacks? The media does not want to cover our side of the story, the side of the peace loving Muslims who do not believe that aimless violence is the answer. No one … Read More Why Islam means to peace to me

Praying for others/ making dua for others)

These past few weeks have been full of hardships for some of my closest and dearest people in my life. I have been helpless to change their situations physically but have been praying for them as much as I can. We must believe that our duas (prayers) will be answered, either in this life or in the Hereafter. Allah (swt) has sent down in … Read More Praying for others/ making dua for others)