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Ramadan and eid decor 2021

Hello everyone! I am updating this blog post due to the fact that there are so many new companies with absolutely cute Ramadan/ eid decor. One company that has a wide variety of decor is Modern Eid. Calligraphy 'Happy Ramadan' banner Happy Ramadan Pennant Banner You can even use code moniraxme10 for an extra discount! They have tons of cute decor, definitely check them … Read More Ramadan and eid decor 2021


Ramadan and eid decor 2020

Hi guys, hope everyone is well! Ramadan 2020 is definitely going to be a historically different one for all of us. We can still try to make it as festive and fun for our families. This is an update from my blogpost from a few years ago, the decor keeps getting cuter and cuter and more creative every year! Here are a few out … Read More Ramadan and eid decor 2020


Looking within for change

Blogging has opened my eyes to a lot of the beautiful Muslimahs from all over the world that are chic and stylish in their own ways. A lot of women have achieved a certain level of fame and success that would have been impossible even just 10 years ago thanks to the quick rise of social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube. I … Read More Looking within for change

Taking Advantage

To all who have been born to privilege…To all who have been born with an advantage due to their skin color…To all who have been born with the right sex organs… To all who have been born in a prosperous nation… To all who have been born addiction free… To all who have born to loving parents and family… To all who have been … Read More Taking Advantage

America the beautiful 

Last week, I went to do a routine exam on a patient I had not met before. I introduced myself and sat down and asked did she have any pain or issues she would like to share with me. She grabbed my hijab and asked me “are you American”? I said “excuse me? ” in shock and not without my NYC attitude which caused … Read More America the beautiful 

The struggle is real…

I have been in a funk since the election. Been watching on social media about Muslimahs being attacked for wearing hijab. Or claiming an attack and then retracting that claim. This just makes it worse for the next sister who might be attacked and not believed. Instead of being known as the best of humanity, many Muslims are depicted as liars and murderers. Just … Read More The struggle is real…

Burkini ban

The title tells you what this blog post is about. The latest photo from France of a woman that was dressed modestly on a beach in France and forcibly undressed in a place where the “burkini” has been banned has struck a chord globally. I am glad to have this blog as a way to voice my opinion as it seems the Muslim woman’s … Read More Burkini ban

Mommy Masjid Manners

Young kids in the mosque is definitely a hot button topic but I will throw my two cents in the ring. These last nights of Ramadan usually bring out more worshippers so it’s important to address some issues concerning little ones.  Some mosques are smaller and definitely do not have adequate space for the female worshippers in general and for whatever reason, babies and … Read More Mommy Masjid Manners

Attaining consciousness

“O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous” (2:183) I have heard this verse many times in my life in regards to Ramadan. I always thought it meant that fasting the month would please Allah. That was my definition of piety, following Allah’s commands. However, the actual word in … Read More Attaining consciousness

Praying Positively

I recently saw a post on facebook by someone who had very eloquently stated her struggles with dua/praying for something.  What she said really struck a chord with me. She had been praying for something from Allah but was self defeating about it. She was praying for it but thinking that she wouldn’t get it or by not getting it, Allah was testing her. … Read More Praying Positively

You be the judge?

Humans like to judge other humans. It feels like it’s a part of our DNA. We judge people for almost every aspect of their lives, even if it’s silently in our minds. We judge people for their words, actions, clothing, behavior, etc. This is especially true in the Muslim community. We judge sisters for wearing hijab or for not wearing hijab. Within the spectrum … Read More You be the judge?

Trading Terror for Thoughfulness

I woke up to yet another gruesome attack on a Western city. I was already concerned about what happened in Istanbul last week seeing as it is one of my favorite cities in the world. Of course I saw the usual condemnations from the Muslim organizations in the U.S. against the attacks on Brussels. I worried that this would not bode well for all … Read More Trading Terror for Thoughfulness