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Whipped rooh afza

In the Indian subcontinent, rooh afza is a staple during Ramadan. It’s recipe was based on cooling ingredients to fight the hot summer winds in the area. Personally, I’ve never been a big fan so I was trying to make it more palatable. Coming off the whipped coffee challenge, I thought to try a whipped version of this traditional drink. It was a big … Read More Whipped rooh afza


Ramadan and eid decor 2020

Hi guys, hope everyone is well! Ramadan 2020 is definitely going to be a historically different one for all of us. We can still try to make it as festive and fun for our families. This is an update from my blogpost from a few years ago, the decor keeps getting cuter and cuter and more creative every year! Here are a few out … Read More Ramadan and eid decor 2020

Ramadan tips

Ramadan is right around the corner! Every year I am filled with self doubt, how will I survive the long, hot days and make time for taraweeh and still be able to function at work? Somehow though, every year I still find the strength to pray and fast. I forget about the miracles and blessings that exist during this month that don’t the rest … Read More Ramadan tips


Umrah family travel tips

We recently visited the Holy cities in Islam, Mecca and Madina for what is called umrah. Umrah can be done anytime of the year versus the main Hajj, which is done at a specific time of year and consists of a lot more rituals spread over specific days. We decided to bring our children along in order to increase their love for these holy … Read More Umrah family travel tips


Looking within for change

Blogging has opened my eyes to a lot of the beautiful Muslimahs from all over the world that are chic and stylish in their own ways. A lot of women have achieved a certain level of fame and success that would have been impossible even just 10 years ago thanks to the quick rise of social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube. I … Read More Looking within for change


New mommy spotlight- interview with Sincerely Maryam

One of the best parts of blogging has been being able to connect with and find amazing bloggers out there! One such blogger is Sincerely Maryam. She is known for being on trend and can work a skinny jean on so many levels. This year, she was blessed to become a mommy to baby Isa (don’t you love the naming pattern?). Despite her extremely … Read More New mommy spotlight- interview with Sincerely Maryam

America the beautiful 

Last week, I went to do a routine exam on a patient I had not met before. I introduced myself and sat down and asked did she have any pain or issues she would like to share with me. She grabbed my hijab and asked me “are you American”? I said “excuse me? ” in shock and not without my NYC attitude which caused … Read More America the beautiful 


Muslim ban

Hey guys! If you haven’t been living under a rock, you have heard of Trump’s decision to ban immigrants and refugees from certain Muslim majority countries. The heartwarming part has been to see all the people protesting this decision and standing up for the democratic values this nation was based on. Here is a link to Haute Hijab’s Melanie’s blog. She had laid out … Read More Muslim ban

The struggle is real…

I have been in a funk since the election. Been watching on social media about Muslimahs being attacked for wearing hijab. Or claiming an attack and then retracting that claim. This just makes it worse for the next sister who might be attacked and not believed. Instead of being known as the best of humanity, many Muslims are depicted as liars and murderers. Just … Read More The struggle is real…

The American Nightmare

I woke up to what I thought was a nightmare yesterday morning. Our nation’s divide became apparent this past Tuesday when our nation elected a reality television star to become the next President of the United States.  None of the mainstream media predicted this outcome. I have watched in shock as to how this man became a nominee with no experience, without any background … Read More The American Nightmare