We have come a long way from the days of hijabi women having to improvise outfits when heading to the beach or pool. The days of putting on a tshirt and leggings and hoping it didn’t weigh us down are long gone. There are so many new and stylish options for us to choose from. I have reviewed three popular brands that I have purchased and used unsponsored.

First is the original burkini brand. I have been using them for more than a decade and have made multiple purchases. Quality is great and holds up well over multiple washes in the machine. They have a modest and slim fit option. I would purchase from them again.


Next is Lyra swimwear. I got it in the mail and was surprised by all of the parts. The burkini is a literal two piece and Lyra has four parts, the bathing suit, legging, swim cap and modest cover up. That being said, it is so beautiful and lightweight in the water. The fit is also very flattering and they have many beautiful colors and styles to choose from. It is lightweight and easy to wash. The quality is also very good. With so many beautiful options, it’s hard to stick to just one!


In my Lyra swimwear

My most recent modest swimwear purchase is from Lanuuk. I recommend them if you are looking for a little more coverage. Their line has so many beautiful designs and swim caps and hijabs to choose from. Their customer service is very prompt and I could not believe how fast my order arrived! Their swimwear sells fast so definitely order one or sign up for their email list to find out about restocks.

Lula – Woodrose/Black

I hope this encourages more women to take the literal plunge into the water. With so many beautiful and stylish options out there, hijabis no longer need to be on the sidelines of water sports.

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