Hello everyone! I am updating this blog post due to the fact that there are so many new companies with absolutely cute Ramadan/ eid decor. One company that has a wide variety of decor is Modern Eid.

The banner and wreath are from modern eid

Calligraphy 'Happy Ramadan' banner

Happy Ramadan Pennant Banner

You can even use code moniraxme10 for an extra discount!

They have tons of cute decor, definitely check them out!

This year, I added a tablescape to give our iftars a special feel. Ramadan is a welcome guest in our home.

The Alhamdulillah sign is from with a spin. It is very high quality and adds a beautiful touch to any decor.

"Alhamdulillah" Mix Material Word Decor

I hope everyone has a fruitful and blessed Ramadan and eid! Keep us in your prayers please

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