Hi guys, hope everyone is well! Ramadan 2020 is definitely going to be a historically different one for all of us. We can still try to make it as festive and fun for our families. This is an update from my blogpost from a few years ago, the decor keeps getting cuter and cuter and more creative every year! Here are a few out of the many companies out there.

Days of eid has the name eid in it so you know they do the holiday right. They have some elegant decor.

Here is their website https://daysofeid.com/

Amasidecor has cute decor like plates and cake toppers.

You can check them out at https://www.amasidecor.com/

Modern eid is known for their wreaths and have a nice tutorial on how to make them.


Withaspin’s home decor will definitely bring your home a festive vibe, check them out here:


Jasmine and marigold have the cutest family pajamas and onesies for babies:


Silvermoon paper company can be described as Islamic decor with a rustic twist. They are a newer company, you can check them out on IG @silvermoonpaperco


Aisha Khan arts has some amazing creative and handmade decor.


Aisha’s accessories has lots of items to make your eid cards extra special this year.

I hope this post has you excited to decorate for Ramadan! Stay safe and blessed ❤️

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