I have not been blogging as much lately, I have been taking a break and had to take a long hard look as to what I want from my life. What brings joy and happiness to my being? What surprised me most was that when I asked most people, they didn’t have an answer to this very important question. What are we doing if we are not paying attention to our own lives? We are too busy paying attention to others- what they have that we do not. What the latest celebrity is wearing or whom they are marrying. I had to figure out what nourishes my own soul before I can speak about it. I am still on this journey but I also realized that blogging is an outlet and a joy too, not a chore. It’s helped me connect to so many amazing people in ways I may never have done. I feel there is still a space for my voice and that I can still offer something of value.

I would like to learn, what brings you joy? Comment below ⬇️

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