I recently attended a tea party to honor a friend that has joined the 40 plus club. It was a beautiful afternoon full of laughter and joy and celebration. The birthday girl had requested us to dress up in hats and gloves and we obliged. I did some research and learned a bit more about fascinators. Ever since Princess Kate and now Megan Markle has joined the royal family, there has been more focus on the fashion these ladies wear and fascinators are almost always included.

Doing a bit research, I found that traditionally Christian women covered their hair and this is how the fascinator has evolved over the years. Here’s a more in depth read on it.


As a hijabi, I was bit worried about pulling this look off. I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a piece I might not wear again. I found a cute piece from Amazon and went with a basic color in case I needed to wear it again.

Here is the link for the fascinator


Here is the link for the dress.


The birthday girl wore her dress and fascinator very elegantly. Here are a couple of her pics.

I hope this post inspires you to try new and different hijab styles.

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