Ramadan is right around the corner! Every year I am filled with self doubt, how will I survive the long, hot days and make time for taraweeh and still be able to function at work? Somehow though, every year I still find the strength to pray and fast. I forget about the miracles and blessings that exist during this month that don’t the rest of the year. If you are feeling sluggish like I am at the thought of Ramadan, here are some tips,

1. Remember that Allah does not place a burden on us more than we can bear. I always think about how people keep their fast and work outdoors in some countries and do so happily because they are blessed with another Ramadan in their lives. We are capable of more than we think and limit ourselves to.

2. Try to make it more about others than ourselves. Instead of focusing on our own suffering and hardship, try to meet and speak to others in much harsher circumstances. Try to give back in your own way, even if you are not able to financially, just sitting and visiting with others and listening to their stories is an act of charity.

3. The obvious advice of eating healthy meals and calories and staying away from too much salt, sugar and fats will make the day go by easier.

4. Focus on the recitation and study of the Quran, remembering what the month is all about.

5. Try to sneak in naps whenever you can

6. Remember time flies and before you know it, the month is over. Don’t let it pass by without gathering some of its many blessings.

What are some of your tips for Ramadan?

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