We all know that there is a self acceptance and appreciation movement going on which is quite exciting. We saw the addition of diverse body types at NYFW this week (Hello Christian Siriano!) Ashley Graham at the Christian Siriano show NYFW 2018Growing up in the 90’s with the waif figure as the model ideal, this is a healthy change in the right direction. There is the movement to post unedited, raw photos that haven’t been heavily photoshopped. I hope this momentum continues. What can we do as everyday moms? What we can do is explain that these are not real images, that even the model cannot live up to the photo. That they have fat rolls and wrinkles and stretch marks. That’s it’s all a ploy to make us feel bad about ourselves and buy their product to make us attempt to look like them. That we can take an honest look in the mirror and be happy and grateful with what we see. That we live a balanced lifestyle our children can model that includes working out and eating right and pushing to be the best version of ourselves. That at the end of the day, we practice self love and acceptance.

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