Blogging has opened my eyes to a lot of the beautiful Muslimahs from all over the world that are chic and stylish in their own ways. A lot of women have achieved a certain level of fame and success that would have been impossible even just 10 years ago thanks to the quick rise of social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube. I figured by 2017, we as a Muslim community would be able to recognize that depth and diversity of Muslim talent. That’s why I was a little confused with various photos coming in from Dubai Modest Fashion Week and it seemed like the same type of tall, thin, light skinned bloggers were featured in all the photos. I figured maybe they all knew each other and were hanging out together and didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t until Manal, known as Chinutay, published her criticism of the event and being one of the few WOC invited to the event that my eyes were opened. Opened to how racism has always been a part of the Muslim community in the past and how it was still at play even in this day and age of social media. I hope her letter had an impact in opening the event coordinators’ eyes and will be more inclusive next year. Here are a few beautiful and successful WOC that you can follow.

If you don’t know Ibtihaj Muhammad and her story, you need to. She is shattering barrier after barrier in the sport and fashion worlds.

IG: ibtihajmuhammad

IG: basma_k Basma has her own line of hijabs and has a strong style game. Think lovely dresses and high end trench coats.

IG: chinutay, Love Manal’s smile and vibe!

IG: hodan.ysf, Hodan is an amazing makeup artist and can pull off pretty much any hijab color and look.

IG: _enimasay, she rocks lots of cute and sassy looks

IG: lifeofbilqis, Bilqis rocks a lot of different colored hijabs and makeup looks. She is not afraid to be bold

IG: talesandturbans, Aicha is a sweet mommy with tons of style!

I hope we can open our eyes to this problem within our own community and learn to embrace each other and unite our hearts in faith in Allah.

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