We went on a very quick tour to Bangladesh to show our children where their grandparents grew up. We literally were there for five days but packed in a whole lot of stuff! My personal favorite was our stay at Dusai. It is a small resort near the famous tea gardens. I wore a kimono that was very similar to the sold out Zara one.

Here is the link:


Hijab: Voile chic

Sunglasses: ShopNora


Use code NewShades for a discount!

Bangladesh has a lot of beautiful natural sites and greenery. Everyone should try to take in the sites if possible. Here is the link for the resort. The resort had a spa, tea garden, small lake, tennis courts and much more. Food was really yummy too.


We did a very quick stop to Doha, Qatar. We stayed in the souq waqif boutique hotels. It was right in the middle of the souq. The hotel smells heavenly! I was impressed by how courteous the people were. Doha has so much to see and do. We were impressed by the lively atmosphere. It was very international with all sorts of nationalities represented. I definitely need to go back and take in more of the sights of Doha. Here is a link for the hotel.


Do you have any travel suggestions for our next adventure?

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