Recently I watched a movie with my son that featured a family where the dad was perpetrating domestic violence. I think my ten year old was shocked, it was something he had never seen or dealt with before. He had no clue someone could do something like that. Alhamdulillah, we are lucky, his father embodies  what a good man should look like. Children definitely learn as we do. However, I still made a point to speak to him about the movie and the family. I made sure he understood that it is never ok to physically abuse a woman. I know we are raising him in a warm, safe environment but I just wanted to really drive home a point. I also pointed out, a lot of kids do grow up in a home affected with violence and they may take that aggression out at school. I think it is important to actually take the time and speak with our kids about values that are important to us. We should not assume that they will just automatically pick things up. It is important to verbalize it to really drive home a point. If we start early, hopefully we will be raising the right type of men that we need in the world.

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