Month: September 2017

Scandals and how to deal with them at home 

Over the weekend, a pretty major scandal broke about a leading Islamic speaker in U.S. There’s been a great deal of denial, accusations, victim shaming and general heartache and confusion in the community. There’s a great article on how to deal with the aftermath here Living in this digital world where we have access to any type of image and can connect with … Read More Scandals and how to deal with them at home 


Travel diaries- Puerto Rico

Being born and raised in NYC, I was bound to have some close Puerto Rican friends growing up. There’s a saying, there are more Puerto Ricans in New York than in Puerto Rico. I was exposed to the delicious foods, fast music and culture of family and love for dancing. My friends would always talk about how beautiful the island was with its lush … Read More Travel diaries- Puerto Rico