Eid ul fitr usually gets the lion’s share of focus and attention. We are lucky as Muslims to be able to celebrate two Eids. With Eid ul adha right around the corner,  I wanted to inspire you guys with some decor ideas to make this Eid ul adha special.

Last year, my friend and I threw a party using free printables from this amazing site


They were so cute and did I mention they were free? All you have to do is print them. Here are some pics from the party 

I also bought individual wooden letters to make a banner from Hobby Lobby. My friend also made a small kaaba replica and had some Moroccan inspired lanterns to help finish up the look.

You can also make some DIY crafts with the family. This blogger made the cutest party favors with marshmallow sheep and mini kabas


There are lots of Kaaba craft ideas that the kids can enjoy making and learn about the significance of Hajj at the same time. For the little ones, there are lots of cute sheep decor that they can learn to craft also. 


Hope you are able to partake in this blessed season and enjoy it with your family and friends.

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