Hope everyone is doing well! As we head into the last ten nights of Ramadan, we usually try to step up the worship, especially if we have been slacking. I know we also are looking forward to Eid, especially the kids!  There are so so many fun ideas for decor nowadays and it’s always a fun project to involve the kids with also. For Ramadan decor, I had a banner already printed and added some paper flowers. The link for the banner is not active anymore but there are plenty of ideas out there. You can also make one from materials at target or any home craft store.

The link for the paper flower tutorial is here

This banner was made using materials from Target

This one was a cute idea, photo source Pinterest, link for the banner below. http://pin.it/DqxQerf

 The people over at Zaffron shops make Eid decorating a breeze and carry all types of decor from cupcake toppers to napkins, banners and balloons. Check them out at https://www.zaffronshop.com/. They also have an amazon shop for you last minute Amazon prime shoppers. https://www.amazon.com/Zaffron-Shop/pages/9009637011

The kids enjoyed helping out with this fun family project. Hope the rest of your Ramadan is blessed with mercy and forgiveness. 

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