Down here in the South, we know it’s officially spring when our cars are covered with green pollen 😒 . Seriously though, who is not a fan of spring? The blossoms on the trees and buds springing from the ground can put anyone into a better mindset. I love all the pink, purple and white blossoms, and especially love to watch when the wind blows them delicately to the ground. It’s also fun to break out our pretty pastel clothes and florals and dress up and enjoy the warmer weather. 

Just discovered the website by Jessa Kae. Her dresses are so soft and comfortable, it’s easy to see why she’s constantly sold out! She should be restocking this dress in various colors in April, make sure you sign up so you don’t miss out! It’s so fluid and fits well. Best part is that it’s hijab friendly!

Check out the site at 

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