I am in awe of how quickly time is passing. Somehow it sped up even faster once I became a mom, can’t imagine how fast it will pass as a grandmother! I see my friends scrolling through or posting photos of their children’s baby pictures. Sometimes I can’t recall their kids as babies because mine were babies and I was running after them. With a child on the precipice of teenhood, I am definitely feeling the passage of time. My advice to young moms is not to get too wrapped up in yourself. Don’t worry too much about your post baby bod, those extra wrinkles and bags under your eyes are badges of working hard as a mom. Drown out the negative feelings with love for your child and gratefulness of having a healthy family. Eat healthy and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle to the best of your abilities. Try to make your child’s world a little bit brighter and happier each day. Make sure to hug and kiss them as much as you can and to take those pics and videos!  Soon that’s all you will have left of their babyhood. 

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