I pray for all the women of the world who are struggling because:

They were born a girl and automatically was less loved 

She was not given the same education as her brothers

She was not given a voice or allowed to express her opinions

She was forced into a marriage or relationship she did not want to be in

She is abused by her inlaws

She automatically is not given the same pay for the same work as her male colleagues 

She is judged and criticized for how she was dressed or for being out alone if she’s assaulted

She is not able to spend adequate time with her newborn due to lack of maternity leave

She is harassed at work and public just for being female.

The list goes on and on. We still have much to fight for as gender equality goes but we also must look at the struggles our foremothers have gone through and gather strength and comfort that we can keep working towards an even better future for our daughters. 

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