This week saw our new President in action. Looks like his main focus was how many showed up to his inauguration and blaming the media for messing around with the pictures. This administration has shown they don’t believe in facts and live in an “alternative facts ” world. The day after, hundreds of thousands of women were marching against the current administration. It was really amazing and a sight to see. It’s great to see people still are marching for what they believe in. In this social media age, causes can get lost and people can be tempted to think someone else will take care of the problem. I also hope we all will continually hold the administration to see the clear facts and not let them forget what makes this nation great are the principals on which it was founded on, including freedom to criticize the government and freedom of the press. Hope this also will mobilize more people to go out and vote every year and not assume that their vote doesn’t count. Democracy cannot work if the people don’t participate in it. 

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