2016 saw a lot of 90’s revivals in terms of fashion trends (chokers I’m looking at you) that we may or may not have tried. Designers have showcased several new looks that the mass markets will copy soon and can easily be incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe.

There were a lot of feminine details  such as lace and ruffles featured for 2017.

This version is long sleeved and modest.

Another fun trend this year is athleisure made for everyday wear. Think of it as an upgrade from yoga pants. 

Big shirts are also a new trend if you’re tired of the same old button down. They’re great because they tend to be long and modestly cut.

Florals are also trending right now in a big way. If spring is your favorite season, these designers have you covered.

A jewelry trend that is coming back are long necklaces. This is exciting for those of us that wear the hijab, there will be quite a few exciting pieces to choose from.

Leave a comment and let me know which trend you can’t wait to try!

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