I have been in a funk since the election. Been watching on social media about Muslimahs being attacked for wearing hijab. Or claiming an attack and then retracting that claim. This just makes it worse for the next sister who might be attacked and not believed. Instead of being known as the best of humanity, many Muslims are depicted as liars and murderers. Just makes the struggle that much harder for the rest of us. I have to watch cars in parking lots and make sure they stop fully before I can cross and hope they don’t run me over. I have to keep my mouth shut at stores over poor service because I don’t want to perceived as the “rude” Muslim. Life is hard and all I want to do is live a modest life and a righteous life to please my Lord. For all sisters in hijab, I pray for your safety. If any feel the need to remove it, may Allah make it easier for you and hope we as a community can support each other despite our differences. Unfortunately the good that our community does is never broadcast as broadly and widely as the bad. Try to reach out to your non- Muslim neighbors and coworkers as much as you can and wish them well this holiday season. It’s something we should be doing anyway. I pray that everyone struggling gets through this difficult period with a stronger Iman. Please pray for all the people suffering in this world. Let’s remember our common bond in humanity.

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  2. I am so saddened by all this bigotry and hate. Obviously it was just water running below the surface of a wide river and now it has gushed forth.

    However, i am reminded that Allah never promised us this life, the life of the dunya, would be easy. Allah, in fact, promised us the opposite. He said we WOULD struggle and we WOULD face calamity and hardship. And Allah knows best.

    Yes, let’s rely on each other during this difficult time and lets use the tools he gave us to be strong, to be brave, and to be patience. May Allah grant peace unto you, Sister Hijabi. And to all the others who wear the scarf. I pray Allah protect you from all the haters.


  3. P.s. i feel that same funk and cant seem to stop watching all the news coverage. I just want it to stop. But i do have hope that we will come back from this – we as a people, “we” meaning humanity.

    I worry for my kids. 😞

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