This week was a sad one for my kids. They had to give up their beloved pet that they had been waiting years to get. Unfortunately due to his health issues, we just couldn’t keep him anymore. I know any parent loves seeing their kids happy and hate to see them down. We do anything in our powers to make them happy. However, sometimes Allah has other plans. We can strive our best but certain things are out of our control. I told them to pray that Allah replaces him with something much better or a situation much better for them and him. I recited Surah Kahf and went over the story of Musa AS (Moses) and his meeting with Hazrat Khidr. He had knowledge of the unseen in some circumstances that Musa AS was not given to teach Musa AS that knowledge is a gift from Allah. All three events were shocking to Musa AS because he was viewing them as we do, without knowledge of the unseen. Sometimes circumstances seem like a loss but actually prevented a bigger loss, as in the story of the boat. Sometimes things or people are replaced with better, as in the story of the boy. Sometimes, there is a hidden treasure but it will take years to be found, as in the story of the wall and town. I also read this week that we should ask Allah for gratefulness so that we will be placed in circumstances that we should be grateful for and not in ones that would need patience. I hope I have set the right example for my kids and Allah continues to bless us. Ameen

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