Happy fall everyone! Can you tell I’m excited about my favorite season? Love the colors of this season, the glow of the sun, the cooler weather and the smells of pumpkin and spice and everything nice. What’s not so nice is what the weather does to my skin. My skin care routine needs to be modified to deal with the drier air and skin. I have oily/combo skin so some extra care may be needed for people with dry skin.

For my general skin care, I do whip up my own homemade body butter. There are tons of links to look up to find the right recipe that works for you. This site is a great place to start.

Whipped Body Butter Recipe

Generally, you need some shea butter and coconut oil and the rest depends on your personal preference. This type of skin moisturizer is also chemical free which is important as our skin is our largest organ. My kids are not a fan of the smell of this even when I add essential oils so I mix this with some body butter from the Body Shop. 

I try to make sure my showers are shorter since I do like hot showers and that can dry out the skin. It’s also important to moisturize immediately to trap in that water and not to let the skin dry out. Adding a humidifier can also help out with dry skin at night. 

For the face, I wash only with water in the morning and save the cleanser for night. I also add an extra step with an oil cleanser. I tone with a mix of rose water and saffron. If you use a store bought toner, make sure it is alcohol free since the alcohol can dry out your skin. I then moisturize and then add an extra dose of moisture with the Laneige firming sleeping pack. They also have a water pack but my saleswomen recommended the firming pack for *ahem* older women. If you don’t have a Korean beauty store nearby, they sell this brand in Target now.


I also use the Korean style sheet mask when I remember. They have so many on the market now. I have found the hyaluronic acid ones to be especially good for moisture.  It’s recommended to sheet mask 2-3 times a week and then use the firming pack after. 

I hope these tips help out with your dry skin. Leave me your personal tips below!

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