The title tells you what this blog post is about. The latest photo from France of a woman that was dressed modestly on a beach in France and forcibly undressed in a place where the “burkini” has been banned has struck a chord globally. I am glad to have this blog as a way to voice my opinion as it seems the Muslim woman’s voice is not one that can be heard in the so called “liberal” Western nations. Where it is assumed that our males are telling us what to wear or how to think so the government of France has taken it upon themselves to tell us what to wear and how to think. In a nation that revolted and made their ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity their slogans, this whole episode is even more appalling. They are the nation that gifted us the Statue of Liberty otherwise known as Liberty Enlightening the World.  They are suggesting that these ideals only apply to white, Christians of the world. This is exactly what groups like ISIS wants, to make it a world where people of different faiths can’t get along in a society. Don’t play into their rhetoric. The vast majority of Muslim people want to live peacefully and follow our nations laws and want our children to be brought up in a safe environment with opportunities for all. We are just as appalled and scared when terrorists attack, doubly so because we are afraid of retribution.

On a personal note, before the burkini, I would have to make up a modest outfit to wear to the beach. Pools required bathing suits only so often I missed out and did not get to learn how to swim. When the burkini came out right about the time my eldest child was a toddler, I was excited I could participate with her. I have even started to take adult swimming lessons this year. By banning this, you are taking observant Muslim women and other modest women out of a significant part of family life and civil society.


Not an oppressed woman

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