It is back to school season here in the South. My eldest has just started middle school and with that has come a whole new set of expectations and responsibilities. Unfortunately, this has meant adjusting to a new schedule and saying good bye to the freedom of summer vacation.  As a working mom, I do not have the time to micromanage the kids projects, homework, etc. I expect them to be responsible for their work or they will face the consequences. She is pretty responsible and has always been on top of her schoolwork. Her schedule has changed and she is arriving home around 5 PM now. Then she wants to play with her kitten, has extracurricular activities and such and then its time to shower, eat dinner and then do homework. It was almost 9 PM before she had started anything and 11 by the time she was done. I realized I had to step in and help guide her time so that she would be able to accomplish everything and still have time for salat and go to bed at a resonable time. Sleep is very important for growth and we tend to act grumpy and not make the best choices if we are sleep deprived.  If we can teach our children how to manage their time, they will be able to find the time to accomplish everything they want in life. I had read an article that super successful people account for every minute of their day, they have it all planned out, 9:01, 9:02, etc. While I am not at that level yet, I usually have my day pretty planned out in good chunks. So I decided to give my daughter a general guideline on how to manage her time. I blocked off time for homework, playtime, tennis, etc, so when she was trying to play with the kitten during homework, I reminded her that there is time for that later. It also helps to keep the phone and other distractions away. It was nothing fancy, all written down on a sticky note. I am sure other mothers will agree that while there is never enough time in a day, it helps to squeeze as much out of it that we can.

Please let me know if you have any time management suggestions that have worked for your kids down below!

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