Young kids in the mosque is definitely a hot button topic but I will throw my two cents in the ring. These last nights of Ramadan usually bring out more worshippers so it’s important to address some issues concerning little ones.  Some mosques are smaller and definitely do not have adequate space for the female worshippers in general and for whatever reason, babies and young kids usually stay with the moms. In these types of places, check out what each mosque culture has as their policy before heading out with the entire family. Are they welcoming of all the chaos of kids running around unchecked or not? In mosques where young children are welcomed, please check to see if they are to be placed in a special area or room. It’s generally a good idea to keep an eye on your kids under 5. They may get hurt and the babysitter may not be able to find you. If there is no one on duty, then it is your responsibility to watch them. You just never know what might happen. Also, speak to your older children about the importance of attending mosque for prayers, not just chilling outside. Speak to them about traffic safety and watching for oncoming cars. At our local mosque, we have a designated quiet room where ladies are to pray in peace. You will not believe how many times moms with little babies have had to be asked to leave. There are rules for a reason and it is good lesson to teach your little ones to follow them with you leading the way as an example. Also, if your child starts to scream, your salat is not more important than the whole entire congregations. Please pick up your child and if does not work, break your salat and calm the baby down. You are risking the ill will of fellow worshippers. Motherhood is sacrifice and us taking care of our little ones properly is an immense act of worship. Do not feel that you are doing less work by not praying all night at the mosque. Also, see what your child can handle. Many cannot make it through hours of late night worship. In this case, it may be better to worship at home after they go to bed. If you are missing the recitation, many mosques are now broadcasting live or on YouTube. Also, dads can alternate some nights with mom so she can have a break and worship also.  If you want them to love the mosque, let them start attending when they are at the age of memory and salat, which according to the sunnah is the age of 7.  Remember, they are little for a few years.  Let us have some manners and adab and respect for masjid rules for  better nights of worship for all.

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