“O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous” (2:183)

I have heard this verse many times in my life in regards to Ramadan. I always thought it meant that fasting the month would please Allah. That was my definition of piety, following Allah’s commands. However, the actual word in Arabic is taqwa which can be better translated as God consciousness. When we fast, we are submitting our basic needs to the commands of Allah as to when we can fulfill them. During the day, we are more aware of bodily needs and how weak we actually are. We cannot survive that long without water and not much longer without food. We are conscious that our needs are fulfilled by our Lord. We should be conscious that our bodies are a trust from our Lord and we need to nourish it with pure food and drinks and take care of it to better fulfill Allah’s commands. We should be conscious of the words that our tongues are uttering, are we using it for our ultimate good? We should be conscious of the actions our hands are taking, are we reaching out to help others? We should be conscious as to how we spend our time, are we remembering our Lord or are we wasting these precious days of Ramadan watching movies or YouTube? The ultimate goal of satan is to make us forget our Lord. Let’s make it a goal to remember our Lords’ favors and carry on our good deeds from this month throughout the year inshallah.



2 Comments on “Attaining consciousness

  1. One of the things I am learning this Ramadan is how grateful I am for hte blessings of Allah, and also this: When maghrib comes and it’s time to break the fast, I am more eager to pray Magrib than I am to eat. It’s like teh whole day I am thinking of food and how much I desire it, yet by the end of the fast, the only thing I desire, nearly beg for, is to run down the hallway, lay down my prayer mat, and pray to Allah, in thankfulness and the realization that the only things we have we have from him, including specifically food. It’s like all it takes is one bite and one sip of water and I realize how much we depend on him. Alhumdulilla. This Ramadan I have learned so much, and I am so thankful. This is different than the past ones I have experienced.

    Thank you for this post, I will be reading more of your previous posts but right now I have to sleep in order to fulfill my fast tomorrow! My two boys will be draining most of my energy (and requiring me to focus so much on PATIENCE!!! lol) How old are your kids?

    Take care, insha’allah you have a blessed day tomorrow. May Allah make your fasting easy for you.

    To be continued, insha’allah…:)

    • Salam, what a beautiful experience of this blessed month! May Allah accept your deeds and grant you jannatul firdous! I have two children alhamdulillah, 11 and 9. When things get crazy, i picture my life without them and realize what a blessing they are, take care and keep us in your Duas, it was so nice to hear from you 😄

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