This year the month of Ramadan falls on some of the longest days of the year.  The 15th of Shaban passed recently so Ramadan is right around the corner. There are some things we can do in order to make it an easier transition for all of us.  One thing the sheikh at our mosque reminded us was to make sure you are not carrying any grudges in your heart or your prayers may not be accepted. This is an excellent reminder to carry with us throughout the year but especially during Ramadan. Try to add more sunnah prayers to your salat or even wake up for tahajjud. Recite more of the Holy Quran.  Do your best to be physically ready also, ex. it is encouraged to fast more in the month of Shaban. Try to have your shopping done and maybe some extra meals frozen to free up time for worship. Get the kids excited about the blessed month. Hang some festive lights and decorations in the house or outside. Give them an extra treat if they fast. Try to send your neighbors treats with an explanation that it is Ramadan and why Muslims fast or hold an iftar for them.

Don’t assume that you will live to see this Ramadan. A few years ago, a friend/neighbor of mine had started her Ramadan shopping but was killed right before the month started. I pray we can all live to see the month through and find benefit in it.

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