Hats and hijabs? Fashion do or don’t? As the weather is warming up, some may find comfort taking shelter from the sun’s rays under a brim of a hat. However, wearing the hijab might pose some concern about looking ridiculous with two items on your head. Here are a couple of my ideas for managing the hat over the hijab.

To minimize any hassles with this style, try to keep your hair in a low bun underneath the hijab.  Keep in mind if you are on vacation and sightseeing, you will be taking your hat off and on, so make sure your hijab is secured on well. Try to wear a softer hijab material that won’t bunch up under the hat. Also matching the hijab and hat will help pull this tricky style off. There are numerous tutorials on YouTube that you can search that can help with this style.  Good luck and post some stylish pics!

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