How often are you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc in a day? Are you browsing/posting all day long? Do you have a limit to the time you spend on it? Are you neglecting your spouse/family or the people you are sitting with to check these sites? How often are you posting about your own life? Are you looking for likes? What happens when no one comments on your status? Does it ruin your mood for the day? Are you looking at other people’s lives and envying their latest vacation or even worse, judging them for not staying at a five star hotel or eating at a trendy place? Are we lusting after someone else’s life, spouse, or house?

Are our real life emotions being dictated by our virtual lives? These are real questions that only we can answer for ourselves. We need to be honest with ourselves when we post things and have the right intentions. Ask yourself, why you are using these sites? Is it to connect with relatives/friends that we normally cannot see daily or is it filling a void in our lives? Do you feel joy when you are seeing other loved ones photos? Are you filled with happiness for them? Social media can be great positive in our lives but can also lead to feelings of depression, isolation and envy. Take stock of your life and be honest and take steps to get take your real life to a point of joy. Share if you are doing from a place of good intent. Help others to overcome their own insecurities.

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