I woke up to yet another gruesome attack on a Western city. I was already concerned about what happened in Istanbul last week seeing as it is one of my favorite cities in the world. Of course I saw the usual condemnations from the Muslim organizations in the U.S. against the attacks on Brussels. I worried that this would not bode well for all the refugees that have been swarming to Europe or for all the millions of  Muslims living in the West who are trying to quietly live our lives. This is what the terrorists want, they want to divide and polarize.  I appreciate the sides that say that these groups do not exist in a vacuum, that war and destruction has led to their rise.  I appreciate the condemnations of the attacks. However, I would like to know why are their no voices within the Muslim community or from the leadership offering guidance to the youth as to why suicide bombings or attacks on innocent civilians haram? Blowing up people will not get you to heaven, can you imagine what the Rasul (SAW) would have thought about this notion? Where are the khateebs that will dare spread this notion during Jumuah?  We need our knowledgeable scholars to come together and fight back and get to the disenfranchised youth that are vulnerable to the radicals. They need to show the daleel (evidence) that the tactics the terrorists use in the name of Islam is totally wrong and not Islamic. The terrorists have a very strong internet game, the leaders of our community will have to be just as savvy. We need coherence and clarity within our community in order for this message to get across. We will have to fight ignorance with knowledge.

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