I wanted to share with you guys some very inspirational ladies. You may know them already and follow them but just in case you don’t, I highly recommend you start ASAP! Many are mommies to multiple children, are working full time jobs or running their own businesses and are still able to leave the house looking as stylish as a runway model. They are able to accomplish all of this and still maintain the hijab.

I’ll start with some popular ladies from the other side of the pond. Hijab fashion is very popular in London and these ladies are some of its prominent stars.  Amena, aka Pearl Daisy, is a popular blogger and YouTuber and is most known for her hoojab style. She runs a popular website where she sells her hoojabs and also has opened up her own boutiques. Here she is looking gorgeous in her signature look.

amenaHer blog is http://amenaofficial.com/

Dina Tokio is a new mom but has been blogging for years. She has been very open and honest about her life and becoming  a mom has not changed this trait and has been very open about her struggles with postpartum depression. It is one of the most brutally honest blogs about life with a newborn.  She approaches life with a wicked sense of humor. She also has launched her own range of stylish hijabs. Follow her at http://www.daysofdoll.com/ and http://www.dinatorkia.co.uk

dina tokio

Fatiha Rouf has more of a glitz and glam look. If you are looking for party wear inspiration, she has tons of ideas for a more glam and colorful look. She has some great party makeup tutorials and wears her hijab headgear with elan. She also has her own brand of eyelashes. Check her out at http://www.fatihasworld.com/

fatihas world

Ascia is based out of Kuwait and is the face of numerous beauty brands. She is known for her turban style. She is also a mommy and  vlogs about her life with her hubby. You can catch the couple in action at http://www.the-hybrids.com. The vlogs are super cute especially when baby makes an appearance.

ascia akf

Over in this side of the hemisphere, we have Saman Munir based out of Canada. She has tons of hijab and makeup tutorials on YouTube. She also has her own hijab line. She has lots of ideas on how to lose those extra pounds and on healthy eating tips. Check her out at http://samansmakeuphijabs.ca/

saman munir

Nuha is a very inspirational blogger based out of the U.S. She just had baby #2 and is open about her home life. She makes motherhood look glam and will post outfit ideas even in the middle of winter. Her outfits are also very affordable.  Her blog is http://www.devotedlyyours.com/ Here is a photo of her post second baby looking amazing.

devotedly yours

Next couple of bloggers are personal favorites because I actually have watched them grow up into amazing women. First up is Sana from Modhijabi. She is a mom of two and one of the most fashionable hijabis around. She also works full time as a pharmacist and is a mom to two gorgeous boys. Check her out at http://modhijabi.com/ for some style inspiration.


Next we have my little sister, Hijabilife. She is a mom to two little ones that keep her on her toes  and is working full time as well. She has some great style inspiration for a working mom and knows how to work her curves. Check out her blog for some lifestyle tips at http://hijabilife.com/


Hope these ladies inspire you to get out of those mom yoga pants and step up your style game!


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