Last week I came home from a full day of work and the first thing the kids say to me, “you forgot to pack our lunches!” ” What?” I fully remember making them, where did these lunches mysteriously disappear off to? I turned and saw them sitting on the counter. How could I have starved my kids? Never mind that this has never happened in the last six years, I didn’t see all the times I got it right, just the one time I got it wrong. How often have we all done that to ourselves, especially working moms? If I had been at home, I would have noticed the lunches on the counter and dropped them off. Maybe I would have been one of those moms that whip up cute shaped veggies for the kids to eat when they got home. I would always make it to all the school parties and bring the coolest treats. The grass is always greener on the other side isn’t it? What happens when the kids are done with school? How do you fill the days? That’s the thing with life, it is always changing. What works now, may not be the reality tomorrow. Why not cut ourselves some slack and just breathe and allow ourselves to not feel like the worst mom in the world for making a mistake? Thankfully, the kids have amazing friends and were able to share some food. Even in that, there was a lesson for them to learn to ask for help and be resourceful and figure out a solution. Mommies (and daddies), those who love and try their best to care for your kids, babies may fall or you may forget their lunch, it doesn’t make you a bad parent. Get back up, brush yourself off and your ego off, learn from the mistakes and forgive yourself.

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