Humans, and  women especially, are social creatures. Early humans could never have survived the environment without being a part of a group. It is this connection that allowed us to survive all these centuries for better or worse. Sharing our experiences throughout our lives enriches them so much more. As we started families, how else were we to get all that child rearing advice before Google?

When we are young, making and maintaining friendships helped shape our outlooks and our personalities. We also had all the time in the world to talk about the latest fashions, movie stars, TV shows, etc. We may or may not hang on to these friends as we move onto college and life beyond. All of a sudden in our 20’s, things start to change. Some friends move to a new city for exciting jobs, some get engaged and married, and it gets a little harder to plan the next get together. Jealousy can also start to seep into the friendships and spread its toxicity.  You may put spending time with your SO over your friends. You may start a family and realize you really don’t have time or much in common with your old gang. A little give and take and being sensitive to each other’s needs can help during these transitional times.

As we head into our 30’s and beyond, maintaining friendships become essential to our overall mental and physical health and well being. Hanging out or having a good conversation with our friends can leave us feeling energized and ready to tackle what might have seemed like an insurmountable problem. It is so important to make and maintain your friendships. As working moms, we can be doubly pressed for time. It only takes a minute to send a quick text or message to let someone know that you care. There will be peaks and valleys in our friendships,  just as in a marriage, but overcoming these hurdles will lead to an irreplaceable bond.

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