I’ve been asked about how I squeeze everything in a day. Obviously, everything is done with the help and grace of Allah. Another tremendous help is my husband who works with me as a true partner. I am a working mom, I used to work 6 days a week but have now cut down to 4 while still maintaining the same or better productivity at work. That extra weekday helps me take care of chores and doctors appointments, etc that need to be done without taking time off. It also helps me maintain my sanity.   Here is a rundown of a typical day (not counting salah) using yesterday as an example.

Wake up around 6:10 AM

Pack lunches for me and the kids, take my overnight oats to work for breakfast. Drink some hot water with honey and lemon to jumpstart the digestive tract/ head out for my hour long commute/listen to Quran or lectures in the morning

work 8-4, no lunch break so that I can leave early. I see a lot of patients so am on my feet most of the day, makes the day go by faster/ eat lots of snacks during the day and my lunch, steal co-workers snacks too

Get home around 5:15 due to traffic, catch up with friends/family during the commute

Kids are home around 3:20, husband has made it home and is working from home for a couple of hours. Kids do their homework, played outside due to amazing weather for February!

Get home, first question is “what’s for dinner?” Kids have been begging for pizza, almost consider it but then think about all the fresh veggies that hubby has bought on clearance that need to be cooked ASAP. Make a quick stir fry and add spinach ravioli to appease the kids. Cleaned up kitchen, asked a kid to unload the dishwasher, kid ran away stating they had a project, did not fight kid (usually they do their chores), unload and reload dishwasher and cleaned counter and sink/ put away some laundry/ send one kid out for tennis lesson, helped other with her project/ sent the other kid out for lesson and told the other to bathe/ fed the first kid, no dinner as a family tonight, will try to make it tomorrow night/hubby at a meeting in the meantime. Finally lay down with first kid and cuddle and hubby sees me and thinks I have been chilling all along 😛 Feed second kid, tell the first to head to bed after going over surahs. Tired but determined to head to the gym, telling myself that the sauna will be worth the trip. Head to gym 8:15, hubby puts the second  kid to bed/ ran 3 miles, hit the sauna, left gym 9:30, head to grocery store to grab a few items. Come home and see pots have been cleaned (thanks husband!) and make my smoothie for the next day. In bed by 11. Thankful for another beautiful day on this earth.


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