Lately, I and the Muslim American community, have been on edge. I have decided to continue to wear the hijab and have felt none of the threats that others have been facing thankfully. The majority of people in this nation are good, kind hearted people. However,there are always the perverted few that mess it up for everyone else. This week, I had to sit with the kids and explain that some people do not understand the true message of Islam and may try to hurt me or us. They couldn’t imagine why people would hate them for who they are. They have been blessed to live in a multicultural area and have never felt discrimination. We have taught them that God created us all lovingly and only wants us to love His creation and to live in a dignified manner. To give charity, pray, be honest in all dealings, to help others. This is the Islam that they see, they have not seen the twisted version that has popped up in the last few decades that seems to get perverted with each crazy group that comes up. I had to explain that someone might come and shoot at us when we are at the mosque bowing down to God or when they are in class. Someone might randomly attack us at the mall. That we cannot control some things in life but that they should remember not to blame God if something bad happens. That we have been blessed with so much and sometimes hardships do come to the best of us like it did for all the Prophets. That they should always trust He is listening to us and that there is justice in the Hereafter. Never to abandon their faith, that is what the Shaytan wants. I am guessing this is how our fellow African- American mothers must speak to their sons about the ugly truths about being black in America, not to walk with hoodies on. We are facing much love and support as a community but we must also tread carefully.

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