Month: December 2015

Capsule wardrobe

Source: Capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe

I know I am not the only one that is being tempted by all the great post holiday bargains out there. However as I have grown older, I am not just buying clothes just because they are great deal. I am checking for things like fit and quality and will I wear them in my actual life? For instance, I hate to iron so … Read More Capsule wardrobe

Tackling fear

Source: Tackling fear

Tackling fear

The last few weeks have been pretty stressful for Muslim Americans, especially for those that are visibly identifiable as Muslim. It’s hard to turn on any news channel and avoid seeing any kind of coverage about Muslims. Even school lessons were not safe as a Virginia school was almost shut down over an Arabic calligraphy lesson, apparently calligraphy is now associated with terrorism. I … Read More Tackling fear

Holiday fashion

Those of us living in the West are in the middle of holiday season. With that comes the endless holiday parties, which begs the eternal question, what will I wear?  Depending on your comfort with bling, you can go all out with a fully sequined jumpsuit or add a subtle shimmer through details on your pieces.   This skirt from hijabefy has a beautiful … Read More Holiday fashion

Talking to kids about Islamophobia

Lately, I and the Muslim American community, have been on edge. I have decided to continue to wear the hijab and have felt none of the threats that others have been facing thankfully. The majority of people in this nation are good, kind hearted people. However,there are always the perverted few that mess it up for everyone else. This week, I had to sit … Read More Talking to kids about Islamophobia

Are we all guilty?

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